Ohio Ex-Offender Reentry Coalition Requesting a Letter of Support for Grant Submissions

How to Request Letters of Support

The protocol for requesting letters of support from the Reentry Coalition or DRC is as follows:  The request must be made a minimum of 3 business days in advance of the grant submission deadline.  The request must contain the following information:

  • Grant solicitation information
  • Draft of the program proposal
  • Contact person
  • A draft letter of support. 
  • Documentation of statistical information containing cited sources.

If an applicant wants to conduct work inside a DRC correctional facility or APA office, he or she are asked to get in touch with that specific site early in the grant development process. Applicants seeking an M.O.U. with these entities shall need to submit the same documents listed above. This will ensure that there is an agreement by all the parties involved about the program being proposed and what will be required for its implementation.

Request for letters of support must be sent to Corrennia Price-Jackson

Department of Mental Health

For letters of support from the Department of Mental Health, please call (614) 644-3758

Department of Aging

For letters of support from the Department of Aging please contact Karla Warren, Chief, Communications Division Phone: (614) 728-8643, or email at kwarren@age.state.oh.us. *Note* Please copy Scott Layson at slayson@age.state.oh.us.

Department of Youth Services

For letters of support from the Department of Youth Servics, please contact Andrea Kruse, Public Information Officer at (614) 466-9854, or email at Andrea.Kruse@dys.ohio.gov